Nathalie’s motto is “Anything Is Possible”, and after listening to her talk, you’ll believe it is too.

Nathalie’s success on the track is just one of the ways she inspires others. She shares her incredible story with audiences around the world at a range of charity events, and is an established international keynote speaker. She also speaks to corporate audiences as a representative of Wings for Life, a Red Bull funded spinal injuries charity which aids research into a cure and therapies that will benefit people with paralysis. Nathalie often speaks to newly injured patients in Spinal Units, hoping to show them that life after sustaining a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) doesn’t have to be worse, it just has to be different.

Her audiences learn about grit, determination and never settling for second best as Nathalie describes her journey from breaking her neck at 16, to racing Porsches today. She speaks openly and honestly about the challenges she faced post-injury - how she overcame the emotional pain, and what drove her to push beyond what she believed she was capable of achieving, both physically and mentally. To encourage more female and disabled drivers to get involved with motorsports and other male dominated industries, she speaks to industry professionals about best practice.

Nathalie’s attitude is simple, if you want something badly enough, you always find a way to achieve it. With her never-give-up mindset she hopes to inspire others to ditch the excuses, really believe in yourself, and mark your clear pathway to success.

After speaking to a group of eleven year old girls early on in Nathalie’s career, one of them went home and told her dad:

If Nathalie can become a racing driver after breaking her neck in a car crash, I can be anything I want to be.

The innocence of this revelation is exactly how Nathalie hopes to inspire others to react. Nathalie’s motto is “Anything Is Possible”, and after listening to her talk, you’ll believe it is too. Her incredible account of how a teenager’s life-changing accident led her to achieve remarkable things will move any audience, regardless of their interest in motorsports.

Her core messages are:

  • Determination

  • Never settling for second best

  • Living life to the full, regardless of your situation

  • Positivity

  • Passion

Why choose Nathalie McGloin, inspirational speaker?

Her positivity, strength and charisma will captivate an audience, and her story will motivate them. She speaks truthfully and from the heart, connecting with her listeners through her experiences. Nathalie will arrive early and can stay late to chat to your delegates, and every booking includes an optional Q&A session after the talk. What’s more, she will support your event on social media before, during and after the day.

• Looking for a speaker with a growing profile and truly unique story?

• Want to persuade your audience that anything is possible?

• Need to teach people that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?

If yes, you can book Nathalie McGloin for inspirational talks, after-dinner speeches and public speaking.

Here are just a few of the clients who’ve booked Nathalie to inspire their audience:

  • FIA International Sports Conference 2017 and 2018 (Geneva and Manila)

  • UBS Business Solutions AG

  • Wellspect Healthcare

  • Barnet and Southgate College

  • Talon Outdoor, advertising agency

  • Silverstone Auctions, classic car auction business

Find out what they and others have to say about my speaking.


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