Nathalie McGloin to become world’s first disabled sportsperson to present trophy at Formula 1 British Grand Prix


For the first time in history, a podium trophy will be presented at the Formula 1 2018 British Grand Prix by a disabled sportsperson. Nathalie McGloin, the only female tetraplegic racing driver in the world to be competing, will hand over the third place trophy in place of David Richards, Chairman of the Motor Sports Association (MSA), who has passed the honour to Nathalie in order to highlight the participation of people with disabilities in motorsport. The presentation will take place on Sunday 8 July 2018 at the Silverstone Circuit.

British driver Nathalie is co-founder of the charity Spinal Track, which gives disabled people the opportunity to take part in track driving experiences in a specially adapted car. She runs the charity with her partner Andrew Bayliss. She was also made President of the FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission at the end of last year.

Nathalie McGloin

Nathalie McGloin

David Richards, MSA Chairman, said, “We’re committed to promoting the unique opportunity that motorsport presents for people of all backgrounds, whether male or female and able bodied or disabled, to compete together on a level playing field. On behalf of the MSA, I’m pleased to take this opportunity to demonstrate my personal commitment to inclusivity, and would like to thank both the FIA and Silverstone for their support in making this possible, not just in raising awareness of the accessibility of our sport but in providing a lasting legacy at the circuit.”


Nathalie McGloin commented, “When David Richards confirmed that I would be presenting the third place trophy after the F1 race at Silverstone, I was speechless. The support I’ve had from the MSA with my new role as President of the FIA Disability and Accessibility Commission has been incredible. Being gifted this opportunity by David is humbling beyond words – it’s something that has never been done before by any other chairman, and the idea was completely supported by Jean Todt, President of the FIA. The sense of pride is enormous and I cannot wait for the F1 weekend to get started now!”