IM Asset Management Announced As Team Sponsor For 2017


Nathalie McGloin Racing is extremely happy to announce that IM Asset Management have come on board as a major sponsor for the 2017 season. The Financial Advisory firm who provide financial advice to claimants of personal injury settlements have taken out one of the sponsorship packages offered by the team and Nathalie can’t wait to start working with the firm. Providing financial advice to people who have received personal injury settlements is an extremely important service to get right. People of all ages and all backgrounds often suffer injuries that result in such settlements. The right investments need to be made with people’s immediate and long term situations considered very carefully and IM Asset Management are absolutely the right firm for this advice.

Nathalie is looking forward to working with IM Asset Management and their clients and hopes that her own racing career can prove to others who have suffered life changing injuries that anything is possible. “I’m very much looking forward to showing IM Asset Management and their clients that having a spinal injury or other life changing injury doesn’t mean that you can’t still do incredible things. I’m extremely lucky to be able to go racing and the support of IM Asset Management allows me to continue to follow my racing adventure and make further progress in my championship. Hopefully their clients can see through my racing that life after injury doesn’t have to be any worse, it just has to be different.”


The 2017 season will see IM Asset Management and Nathalie McGloin Racing taking clients to a track day to really give people a taste of the action. Nathalie and team will explain how the hand controls work on the race car, the process of getting a race licence and the passion that drives her to keep improving her race craft. With the Cayman proudly wearing the IM Asset Management logo this year, we’re sure the clients will be as excited as we are that this partnership has been made possible. There are exciting times ahead and new possibilities for everyone involved during 2017!