I've joined the Batec Rapid Team!


Today I became the latest member of Batec Team Rapid. I was asked to join the team last year and today was my official inauguration. Taking to the Silverstone tarmac, I tested my new Batec Quad Rapid with Stuart from Cyclone Mobility who is the UK distributer for Batec. Basically, the Batec bike is an electric hand bike that attaches to the front of your wheelchair effectively turning you into a three wheeled 30kph rocket!

What is so brilliant about this bike is not only that it is rapid (as the name suggests!) but they do a version specifically designed for quadriplegics (people who have broken their neck and the paralysis affects their fingers), 'In Kawasaki green, the BATEC QUAD RAPID hand-bike features exclusive components like carbon-fibre handlebars. But what will undoubted captivate more than one user is its top speed of 30 km/h. The Gas & Brake control, specially designed for users with lesions in their upper extremities, will enable you to speed up and brake with smooth control movements.'


This thing is ace! I'm going to take it to my race weekends and use it to 'walk the track' the night before the races. This is something I've never been able to do before as cambers, inclines and bumpy surfaces (CROFT!) would mean that I'd spend all my energy trying to negotiate the course without falling out of my chair. The Batec Rapid will allow me to experience the tarmac, assess the grip levels and judge the apex markers to give me better information to process ahead of my race the following day. I'm sure it'll make for some great video content too! I'm very much looking forward to using my new bike as part of Batec Team Rapid and I'm very grateful for them inviting me onto the team.

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