Milltek come on board as team sponsor for 2017

I'm extremely pleased to welcome Milltek Motorsport on board as a 2017 team sponsor. The Cayman has just been fitted with the Milltek non-resonated cat-back system with ceramic black tips and it sounds incredible!

The Cayman has always lacked somewhat in the sound department. In the car, it's as loud as anything with the stripped out interior and the engine sitting right behind your head but all you used to be able to hear outside the car was the induction. The new Milltek exhaust has properly made the flat six soundtrack come to life! It's deep, loud and has a decent amount of crackle and pops. I love the sound of the overrun and I cannot wait to test my new exhaust at Silverstone on Saturday.


I picked the car up from Milltek HQ on Wednesday and was thoroughly looked after by the staff. Everyone who works for Milltek really knows what it means to properly care about your car. They all love cars and motorsport and I always spend ages chatting to them about racing. This passion for motorsport is reflected in the quality of their products. Whether you want a full racing exhaust for your race car or an upgrade on the noise your road car makes, Milltek are definitely the company for the job.


I'm very much looking forward to working with Milltek this season. It's very humbling to be supported by such a well established and well respected motorsport brand. The other racing drivers they sponsor are very successful and very well known. With Milltek's support, I'm aiming to build on my own success during the 2017 season and I'll be very proud to join their other sponsored drivers in wearing the Milltek sticker on my Cayman.

SponsorshipNathalie McGloin