Filming for GQ at Silverstone


This week was fairly exciting as I braved the freezing temperatures to do some filming for GQ at Silverstone with Porsche. GQ wanted to do a series of 'how to' videos, one of which they wanted to feature women instructing the predominantly male GQ readership how to perform advanced driving skills and techniques on a race circuit. Porsche would be the featured brand in these videos and I was approached by Porsche HQ to represent them in my Cayman S race car alongside Esmee Hawkey in her Cayman GT4 Clubsport.

The day started early at the Porsche Experience Centre as the fog lingered across the circuit and frost remained hard on the ground. It was cold! After being fed bacon rolls at the PEC, which were obviously delicious, we headed across to the Stowe circuit to make a start on the filming. It was my first time out in the Cayman since September and the prospect of being on knackered slicks on tarmac that was freezing cold unsettled me somewhat! But alas, Esmee and I got stuck in doing some laps of the circuit including some standing starts which can only be described as 10 metre burnouts given the pure lack of grip. Soon it was lunch time so back to the PEC we went to get warm and sample the 'canteen food' laid on by the centre, filet steak anyone?


The afternoon saw temperatures rise to a toasty 4 degrees and so was time to head back to the Stowe circuit to begin the oversteer filming. It was an arduous task as I was asked again and again over the radio 'could you just do that again but this time really exaggerate the slide?'. Stunt drivers must have such boring jobs, I thought to myself as once again I tried to look professional and hide my massive grin as I exited sideways from yet another corner. How was I not having to pay for having so much fun?

The end of the day came all to quickly as we finished off with doing some voiceovers back in the PEC being looked after by the brilliant catering staff (think extremely tasty bread and butter pudding). Such a fun day! I love being associated with the Porsche Brand, not only because they make outstanding cars but because the people that work for them are genuinely lovely people. I finish this blog by saying thank you to GQ for writing a brilliant piece to film, to Porsche for inviting me but mostly to my Cayman who, after spending months apart, reminded me why I love racing and why that car makes me smile so very much.

RacingNathalie McGloin