Omologato sponsor Nathalie McGloin Racing for third season

After a great weekend at the Autosport show we are pleased to announce that Omologato are joining Nathalie McGloin Racing for a third season as a team sponsor. Omologato and Nathalie McGloin Racing have been with each other from the start of both of their ventures into Motorsport. Omologato approached Nathalie a month into her first season of racing when the watch company was just two months old to support her with sponsorship. The relationship was very organic, Nathalie having bought one of Omologato's first watches due to loving the ethos behind the brand, and Omologato saw what Nathalie was doing in Motorsport and instantly knew they had to be involved. A beautiful friendship has since blossomed between Shami and Nathalie and their working relationship is stronger than ever. Nathalie will be proud to wear the Omologato logo on her team kit and car going into the 2017 season.