Dynolight Rollers come on board as 2017 London Marathon Sponsor


I'm very pleased to announce a new sponsor for the 2017 season, Dynolight Rollers. This year I'm competing in the London Marathon and a set of racing wheelchair rollers are essential to getting the training in when the weather isn't great. Dynolight Rollers are a lightweight, portable roller that you fill with sand or similar to create resistance.

I can't wait to start using these! Because of their portable nature, you can easily take these to competitions to use as a warm up tool on the start line. Or, if space is short at home, they are super easy and quick to dismantle when not in use. Andy the founder and designer of the rollers is a fantastic race car engineer and builds cars for The Light Car Company, Rocket. He saw what was on the market for wheelchair racers, and like all great engineers, decided he could improve on the design of roller, make it portable and reduce the cost. The great thing about Dynolight Rollers is that this is a product founded in motorsport, built by a motorsport engineer.


Today he showed me around The Light Car Company workshop and the gorgeous Rocket plus a few other motors dripping in carbon! I can't wait to start working with Andy and get training on my rollers in preparation for the London Marathon in April.